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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 8th and 9th: Schkinny Maninny detox days #4 and #5

By this time, super-early mornings and dashing to the front door for the day's juices was becoming second nature.

Day #4 had me commencing with the usual green concoction, a juice that continued to surprise me with it's ability to keep me 'full' for a lot longer than expected, considering I'm usually fastidious about eating a protein rich breakfast (hemp seeds, hemp seeds and hemp seeds!) and these juices are, well, not exactly protein packed.

The remainder of the day was fairly standard, however my curious and bewildering adoration of the Lentil Luncheon intensified, and I slurped that bad boy right down on both day #4 and #5.

My evening "soup-juice" on day #4 was the Schkinny Butter Seed, a pumpkin, white bean, pumpkin seed and nonspecific "thai spices" (it was ginger) combination. I gotta admit, I didn't quite expect the pumpkin to be raw, but raw it was! You know when you expect something to taste a certain way, and then it doesn't, and it's kind of a bummer? Yeah, that. But after my initial hesitation, it wasn't so bad - probably the only soup I warmed up to (hehe) within the first few spoonfuls.

Day #5, my final day, saw a whole new gamut of juices to final hurrah with - the not at all green Schkinny Cage Fighter for breakfast, the in fact very green Schkinny Pine Ginger Splice for mid-morning (oooh, like how they mixed it up there......just when you think you the score, bam - you're drinking your green juice at 11am), and my beloved nemesis Lentil Luncheon for lunch. Parting was such savoury sorrow.

My initial relief upon discovering that the 'dinner' juice was the very appealing sounding (and tasting!) Schkinny Beet Froot Tingle was shortlived. This juice was a straight up juice. Unlike the other lunchy-dinnery juices, it had no beans or nuts in it, and you definitely weren't required to heat it and eat it with a spoon. An hour after 'eating' it, my stomach was in knots from unfulfillment. I really cant say whether it was physiological or psychological, but unlike the other evening juices, which although occasionally unappetising, always filled me up. By the time I got home to my Schkinny Sleep Well, I'd barely restrained myself from attacking the toaster at work, with some bread. The attacking the bread, with peanut butter. And my mouth.

And with that - detox fin.

The next day, I was encouraged to stick primarily to fruits and vegetables for the next 2-3 days, and given some meal ideas (fruit for breakfast, and steamed or raw veggies for the remainder of the day - very little protein content), but I shunned that and promptly scrambled myself some tofu. Sitting down, plate on lap, fork in hand felt incredibly bizarre. As good as the food tasted, eating it was unsettling and felt almost dreamlike, but I soon re-found my eating legs and the rest of the day passed in a blur of Munsterhaus and enchiladas (recipe to come!).

The Schkinny Maninny detox was an experience. I was lucky to not experience any of the 'detox' symptoms I'd been warned of (except for the occasional hunger pang, but that's fairly standard for me), yet still got to reap the benefits. I needed less sleep and was waking feeling more refreshed. The eczema on my elbow cleared up (with the assistance of a wonderful nutritional and herbal cream my friend made up for me). I don't experience these symptoms on an every day basis but I had absolutely zero digestive issues - no bloating, flatulence, cramping or anything. I had plenty of energy throughout the day. My clothes started feeling looser and my tummy was flatter, and the scales at the gym told me I had lost approximately 2 kilos. And, apparently, the whites of my eyes were looking "very white".

Despite the benefits, a detox like this probably wouldn't work as a permanent fixture. It's quite low in calories (1700 per day), particularly for active people and additionally low in protein, which we need in good quantities for just about everything. However, it does reinforce the rewards we receive when taking good care of ourselves - health. It's a wonderful way to 'kickstart' a new way of eating or 'reboot' your system. If you want to maintain the benefits gained from the detox, you have no choice but to introduce healthy eating and regular exercise into your daily life.

I appreciated doing the Schkinny Maninny detox for the reasons above - as much as I do eat good foods and "take care of myself", I was aware that I could and should be doing more for my health. Five days of detoxing showed me what I was missing out on by not doing so. Since I finished, I have been far more conscious of what I am eating and why and do I really need a slice of chocolate cake at 11pm?

Things I didn't enjoy? Whilst I loved each and every juice to bits, the nutty nightcap moreso, I found the soups to be, literally, hard to swallow. Additionally, I'm not a huge fan of the name 'Schkinny Maninny' and the attached marketing techniques (bride "bingeing" on pasta - oh lord, not the dreaded carb bloat!), although I'm aware that this probably works a treat within some demographics. As long as customers are aware that any weight they may lose on this diet is akin to that lost on a crash diet and as we all know, it reappears the minute you revert back to whatever was 'normal' for you. I also would never have been able to afford to do this detox, but to be fair, $10 for a 600ml, organic juice, delivered to your door every day isn't too terrible - unless you're paying for 30 at once!

I'm also going to miss the convenience of waking up and being 'sorted' for the day as far as meals go, particularly for those days when I had long work or school hours. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking, but there's something so liberating about popping a few juices in your bag and knowing you're taken care of in the edibles department. The daily encouraging emails and cards were also a cute touch.

If you're keen to try out the detox for yourself, head to Schkinny Maninny to find out more about what they have available. Say hi to the Lentil Luncheon from me.

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