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Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 6th and 7th 2011: Schkinny Maninny juice detox day #2 and #3!

I woke up the second morning with the proverbial spring in my step (as promised by detoxes far and wide), and rushed to the front door for the unveiling of my second "fresky" of juices. A few surprises in store - a Schkinny Water Frog for breakfast, a Rocky Orange for my afternoon snack and a new soup - the Colly, Meg and Lee.

A busy day for me, I had a few appointments before a long afternoon and evening at work, meaning I had to drag a green bag of juices around with me for much of the day. I had a fitness assessment at the gym first thing as next week I start my very first six week boot camp (what's with me and torture lately?) and was able to weigh myself - 62.6kg. I dont own scales at home and rarely step on them in general, but it was useful to be able to as weight loss is, I suppose, one of the 'benefits' of detoxing (though, as with any temporary change in lifestyle that reverts within a week's time, some of these benefits can be fleeting at best).

I struggled again through my Lentil Luncheon, not quite able to finish it, and grimacing every time a stray cumin seed made contact with my taste buds, but as much as I was meh about this particular soup, the one I'd received for dinner (the Colly, Meg and Lee - cauliflower, white beans, nutmeg and leek) was beyond meh-ness and entering a brand new realm of ew-ness. I'm not sure if these soups are entirely raw (but as they contain legumes, I'm inclined to say they arent) but holy shit, leek needs to be cooked, not raw! Listen, I'm a massive fan of garlic, and will regularly consume enough to successfully ward off an army of vampires and/or potential suitors (okay, I dont have much to do with either of those anymore) but this was a whole 'nother level of pungent! The sinkhole got to enjoy the half-remainder of this number, and my stomach got to enjoy feeling sad and empty.

Thankfully, I had my almond-brazil-linseed milk to come home to and lull me to sleep with it's nutty caress.

Day 3 also found me naturally awaking a good forty minutes earlier than I normally do, feeling more rested and alert than I ever have at this time of morning.

I attempted a gym class (I had only been walking up until this point, as advised to by the nifty little cards we receive daily - recommending we don't "overdo it") and felt totally fine (in a "I'm sweaty and sore and ow my calves are burning" kinda way).

My mid-afternoon snacky soup was the Pine-Root (hehe) which - a combination of my alltime faves pineapple, beetroot, ginger, carrot and apple - was a huge treat.

Lunchtime yet again saw me tackling a Lentil Luncheon - I decided to strain out all the lentils with my spoon and leave the soupiness for never, however, I actually found myself enjoying it! Amazement of amazings! It went down quite a treat and I managed to finish the whole thing without wanting to cry.

Dinner soup was the Rockin' Tomato Soup which I was familiar with from day one, and didn't we have an experience together? I gave up about halfway through. Not because it didn't taste good, but I was just texturally unexcited. Lachie encouraged me to slurp up the rest with a straw which worked a treat, and got me through it, but it was a battle, I'll tell ya.

Nutty milk to finish, oh god, how I will long for you.

How am I feeling? Not a hint of headache or a minutae of malaise. The only main difference I have noticed is the waking earlier of the mornings. My bowel motions (which I was super interested in noting changes of) are largely identical to always (regular, easy to pass and well formed, thankyouverymuch) and my energy levels (which are normally quite steady throughout the day) are also samesies. Psychologically, it's had it's hellish moments. I'm certainly not hungry, but my brain is majorly crushing on SOLID (vegan) FOOD OF ANY DESCRIPTION! Over the hump and with two days to go, I shall report back on new happenings promptly!

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