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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

where i mix business with pleasure.

You know learning is rubbing off on you when you start subconsciously planning your meals to include a complete protein. That and scouring the garden for edible (and highly nutritious!) weeds, which you then proceed to chuck into your morning smoothie.

This blog is the result of my extended hiatus from More to Love Vegan. I'm aiming to give it the same uber food nerd tone, complete with hand shakingly taken yet highly provocative gastronomic pornography and my own slightly rabid musings on my favourite topic - vegan friendly food! I'm gonna put a slant on things, however, and attempt to incorporate my second favourite topic (that being healthy vegan food!) into the mix, something I never quite attempted in my former incarnation. Being that I'm now an (almost) fourth year nutrition and herbal medicine student, I have found myself with a whole new outlook on food - that being, it exists for reasons other than purely eating it (and making bold political statements, of course), and that old adage of eating to live and not living to eat kinda becomes interspersed and takes on a single holistic meaning, rather than presenting as two opposing entities. In short, you can expect to see recipes and reviews amongst my usual gluttony, but there will be what I hope is helpful information and healthier alternatives thrown in there as well.

You can also expect a variety of topics that amuse myself (and probably only myself) to appear from time to time. They may or may not, but probably will, include cute and also possibly funny animals, Gossip Girl and failed hobbies.

Watch this space. Pancakes are approaching.